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AGROGEL® Distinctive characteristics:

  • AGROGEL® is recognized as a new “MATRIX” since 2007;
  • AGROGEL® is a new legally recognized denomination of type;.
  • AGROGEL® is a totally organic product>.
  • Soluble nitrogen and extractable carbon measure manufacturing quality .
  • Highly nutritional and high energy matrix for the soil-plant system;
  • Only the FCH® process can generate the matrix AGROGEL®.
  • It contributes to the formation of N reserves in the soil;.
  • The nitrogen contained is progressively made available to crops during the entire vegetative cycle, as it is obtained with a specific process of collagen hydrolysis;
  • Because of its unique natural features, it allows avoiding waste and losses of nitrogen by leaching and volatilization;
  • It allows the integration of consumption or the lack of organic matter;.
  • iI allows cost savings for the farmer, given its high agronomic efficiency.
  • Agronomic value higher than for other matrices

The key to success of AGROGEL® lies in its fertilizer action. In fact, this does not end within a short period of time, but determines in the soil a natural balance of absorption and release of the fertility elements between organic matter, soil and vegetal matter, which is the unique characteristic of the product.

And this is proven by both laboratory tests and results in the field.