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AGROGEL® solubilization and its slow mineralization act on ureic nitrogen to:

  • prevent urea from rapidly solubilizing;
  • prevent urease attack for as long as ureic Nitrogen is bound to the matrix;
  • release ureic nitrogen progressively, according to AGROGEL® mineralization processes;
  • maintain in the solubility areas of ureic Nitrogen acid pH values that block urease action.

Advantages and benefits:

  • slow release regulated by the environment and soil.
    ► benefit: what is needed, when it is needed
  • reduction of the need for repeat nitrogen fertilization.
    ► benefit: healthy produce, no harmfull for produce
  • no loss due to leaching or volatilization.
    ► benefit: greater efficiency, no environmental risk, energy saving
  • vegetative equilibrium of crop.
    ► benefit: no surplus, no imbalance
  • absence of toxic nitrates accumulation in plant tissues.
    ► benefit: healthy produce, no harmful for produce
  • production quantity and quality.
    ► benefit: increase in production income
  • lower proneness to cryptogamic diseases.
    ► benefit: higher resistance, less waste, reduced pesticide/strong>