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Potassium exists in the soil in various forms in equilibrium with each other:
K+ in solution <> K+ readily exchangeable <> K+ not readily exchangeable <> K+ fixed.
Potassium in solution is leachable.

Exchangeable potassium is related to the exchange capacity of soil colloids (organic matter and clay).

This element, normally present in high total quantities, has, over the last few decades, seen its exchangeable quotient fall, due to the reduction of organic mat-ter content in cultivated land. This quotient is derived from that which is weakly adsorbed by soil colloids and which can be released in solution.

Reduction of soil humidity increases the capacity of clays to retain potassium. Clays with older “structures” may fix potassium irreversibly.

AGROGEL® complexed potassium forms colloidal bonds that release potassium progressively, as a function of AGROGEL® mineralization. This translates into potassium remaining available for longer periods, with its nutritional efficiency thereby doubled.