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Collagen studies in relation to the microbial biodiversity

The cycle of soil nutrients is affected by the activity of micro-organisms, and soil fertility depends on the equilibrium of the organic matter controlled by the microbial biomass.
Many studies have been carried out on the impact of collagen on soil microbial activity (although most of the work was aimed at assessing the impact on soil metabolic activity rather than at characterizing the microbial biomass from a phylogenetic point of view) (Editor’s note: measurement of variations in bacterial composition caused by an external agent).

However, a functional characterization (respirometry) does not enable highlighting of changes in the composition of the microbial biomass. Indeed, the microbial biomass can maintain its own efficiency unchanged in the short period while entailing a loss of efficiency in the long period.


Thanks to molecular techniques developed methodologically over the last decade, a study of the problem has been prepared. The work has been on the molecular characterization of the microbial communities raised in the presence of hydrolyzed gelatin and on the metabolic fingerprint of micro-organisms.


  • AGROGEL® enhances the ability of soil bacteria to carry out their biological activity.
  • AGROGEL® does not modify bacterial populations nor does it cause selection of any specific population.


The effects of fertilization processes on the composition of soil microbial communities have been evaluated through the use of molecular DNA assessment techniques.

Two types of soil were treated with three different fertilizers:

  • 26 N with DMPP;
  • Fertorganico by AGROGEL®;
  • formulation from organic fertilizer mixture.

After 0, 60 and 120 days, samples were taken to perform molecular assessment.


    • The fertilizer with DMPP, regardless of the soil, always MODIFIES microbial composition.
    • Fertorganico Supernova by AGROGEL® does NOT MODIFY the microbial community in any soil type.
    • Mixtures of nitrogen organic fertilizers cause MODIFICATIONS, mainly in light soil, of medium intensity.