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AGROGEL®: the first and only Hydrolyzed Gelatin for Agricultural Use.

AGROGEL® is obtained through a process of temperature-controlled thermal hydrolysis of collagen. AGROGEL® is a homogeneous and standardized matrix which allows a regular release of nitrogen to the soil, naturally mediated by microorganisms.This release mode, already determined at the production stage, means AGROGEL® can meet the agronomic needs of crops on the basis of nutrient absorption curves.

Distinctive characteristics

The key to success of AGROGEL® lies in its fertilizer action. In fact, this does not end within a…


Production process

Collagen-rich leathers are stored in appropriate areas and are then placed in reactors, where they undergo thermal hydrolysis…


BIOILSA, ILSAFERT, ILSATEC, ILSA AGRO: “Intelligent” fertilizers, able to modulate the release of nitrogen in sync with the demand of plants and in line with the new concepts of sustainable agriculture….

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100k ton
solid products per year
and only Hydrolyzed Gelatin for Agricultural Use