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From the hydrolyzed gelatin AGROGEL® for agricultural use, fertilizers with different physical properties can be produced, especially as regards the shape and size of the particles.

Specifically, AGROGEL® can be found in various form:



AGROGEL® in powder







AGROGEL® microgranular, known as PROFESSIONAL N







AGROGEL® granular, known as FERTORGANICO






AGROGEL® pelletted, known as FERTIL




All AGROGEL®-based products have a high presence of organic carbon and especially organic nitrogen.

They differ because:

  • The main component is collagen, an ensemble of fibrous proteins typical of skins, characterized by a high aminoacid content (glycine, proline, alanine, glutamic acid and hydroxyproline, which is the marker aminoacid).
  • Content in organic nitrogen between 12 e 13%.
  • Content in organic carbon between 38 e 42%;.
  • The water-soluble organic nitrogen, regardless of the physical form of the product, is greater than 5.
  • They have a C/N ratio of less than 4 that is, therefore, easily attacked by the soil bacterial pool.
  • Their organic matrix is characterized by a defined composition that is very consistent over time because it is derived from proteins that have specific characteristics. In this sense, there is maximum composition security, unlike most organic fertilizers on the market that do not have a constant matrix or scientific investigation, both on the matrix itself and on the finished product.
  • These products naturally contain other fertility elements, such as sulfur and iron, which is found in a chelated form, as well as a series of macro (K, Ca, Mg) and microelements (Cu, Zn, Mn) with significant concentrations for the nutrition of plants
  • They allow for all these elements to be released to the soil and then absorbed by plants continuously over time, without waste or pollution.