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Plants can use phosphorus only in soluble phosphate form. Phosphorus absorption by active roots only takes place through the complexation of soluble phosphate with the organic compounds that the rhizo-sphere is rich in. In the presence of calcium carbonates and basic soils, soluble phosphates are quickly (few weeks) “retrograded” into inert forms for vegetable nutrition.

Phosphorus complexation with AGROGEL® has useful effects targeted to:

  • slowing down insolubilization;
  • blocking bond-formation between phosphorus and calcium (retrogradation);
  • maintaining phosphorus in an organic complex already adapted to the rhizosphere.

The advantages of complexed AGROGEL® phosphate are appreciable in all cultivation environments:

  • maintains phosphorus in an available form for much longer periods of time than traditional phosphate fertilizers;
  • increases the nutritional efficiency of phosphorus as plants double their ability to ab-sorb phosphorus from the fertilizer.

The benefits in comparison to traditional phosphate minerals:

  • greater “push” at the germination stage;
  • quick release of the root apparatus, also during transplants;
  • better tillering of graminaceous plants;
  • improved preparation for the germination stage;
  • optimal development at the flowering and fruit set stages;
  • quantity and quality of yeld.