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The main forms in which nitrogen can be found in the soil are three:

1. Organic nitrogen
2. Ammoniacal nitrogen
3. nitric nitrogen

Organic nitrogen, however, is the form most common in the soil, as well as the most stable and important because it is found in the protein structures of the organic matter of vegetable and animal tissues.


Having organic nitrogen in the soil has many advantages:

  • It is the most natural way to create a reserve of what is considered the main element of fertility;
  • It is not subject to leaching losses, as is the nitric form. In this way, one avoids the risks of groundwater pollution;
  • It is not subject to volatilization losses, as is the case for the ammoniacal form, because it is embedded in the organic matrix itself
  • It is released from organic matter over the year, during the processes of mineralization and in a gradual way;
  • It is released entirely to the stratum of soil affected by vegetal roots (rhizosphere), then easily and most usable to plants;
  • It allows a constant and rational supply of nitrogen throughout the whole vegetative cycle without waste or possible dangers of environmental pollution.

The AGROGEL®-based products, as well as being characterized by a high amount of organic nitrogen, are rich in organic matter, which is vital not only for the soil microbial population, but also at soil level itself. In fact, it enhances the aggregation, then the structure, porosity and field capacity (water retained in the soil) in all soil types
and in particular in the sandy ones. Also, they perform a particular chelating and complexing function towards the essential elements of fertility, allowing their absorption even in poor conditions.

The composition of the AGROGEL®-based products, which is rich in N and organic matter, makes them “friends” of the soil microbial populations, plants and the environment.